Burglar Alarm Repairs Halifax

Posted on: 07/22/2020 by in Burglar Alarms
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Is your intruder alarm in need of attention? Look no further we are the local experts on hand to fix it and get you secure again. Didn’t have your alarm installed by Halifax Alarms? No worries we have you covered. Give us a call, tell us a few details and the name of the manufacturer on your control panel and we’ll get the ball rolling.

As well as ad-hoc repairs we can offer an annual maintenance contract to ensure your system is serviced every year and that you have emergency response available twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year.

Having a fully maintained security system often can result in a discount with your insurer and obviously it just makes sense to know your alarm will definitely work should it ever be needed.

We can upgrade your panel and then provide you with our burglar alarm app. The app allows you to set and unset the system from your smart devices (phones, tablets etc.) and is available on Android and Apple. You can receive real-time alerts should the system activate.

So if you’re in Halifax and need a burglar alarm repair just contact us now – We’ll get straight back to you.

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